Single word prompt for a poster design assignment. 
Used logos from fashion brands, athletic brands and fast food chains.

Bureau Borsche Symphony Posters

Poster design in Bureau Borsche style.

Fyodor Dostoyevsky Bookcovers

Book series re-design assignemnt. 

Atlanta Skyline Mural

Designed and illustrated this mural for a classroom at the circus. 

Circus Forum Board 

Created this 3D rocket with my buddy Alex Kirsch for the Barkley guest speakers. 

NBC Sports Rugby Pass

Designs for outdoor placement. 

Red Cross X Delta Airlines Poster Design

Two different visual directions 

The visual direction below was deemed “too dramatic” and “thriller movie” looking,
which is fair feedback.  

Polaroid Outdoor 

Several outdoor designs for our Polaroid campaign “Now it’s a Party”