“The Ghost of Ray Kroc”
👨‍🎓~Student Work ~

Submission for The One Show BK brief. This Halloween, every Whopper will contain
trace amounts of Ray Kroc’s actual DNA, giving customers the chance to devour any last trace of fast food’s greatest villain.

The scientist featured in this video is Ashley Cross. Ashley is a PHD candidate at Emory University, researching microbiology and genetics. Here is a link to her academic profile on Emory’s site, and her LinkedIn profile in case you have any questions on molecular genetics.

The voice you heard during the phone call really was Ray Kroc’s son. His name is Ballard Smith, he’s the former president of the San Diego Padres, but more recently was Executive Director at an organization called Science of Sport. Below is a video recording of our conversation with the current ED, Daren Heaton.
We told him we were doing a project on the Padres and that for research purposes, we needed Ballard’s phone number to ask questions. It took very little convincing for Daren to hand over his personal contact information.

Brief: The One Show
Role: Art Director, Video Editor
Writers: Phil Sipiora, Evan Glass